Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wikipedia Takes Manhattan...

...is a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest coordinated with Columbia University and New York University students, aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles covering the wondrous sights on the island of Manhattan.

The student participants will compete to photograph as many sites as possible from a list of goals whose articles lack photographs, or that are missing certain essential photographs.

The event will be held on Friday April 4, and will run from 11:30 AM/noon to 11 PM/midnight. Everyone will meet up and check in at the two starting points at noon, and after a day of subways, street rambles, photography and free culture goodness, the night will conclude with a party back at Columbia. For more info go here or here

Gotta love Wikipedia!


Jimmy Page said...

As you from my previous blog, and my comments on F Ng's Wikipedia post, I am a big fan of Wikipedia's evolution of the encyclopedia. Teri's post here proves that Wikipedia is becoming so large that it is not only being recognized in cyberspace, but the physical world as well. Is there any other website (not search engine such as google) that you would go to if you instantly needed to know about something, anything, in the world?

Lance Strate said...

What a great find! It shows how the online world can interact with the real world. It also illustrates a point I like to make about how game playing is a key characteristic of digital media.