Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fears With Social Networking

Here is an article about a Muslim girl who was killed by her own father for using Facebook in her home country.



rwalsh42 said...

This a very disturbing article about a radical and traditional Muslim group opposing Facebook and socialization on the internet. Such articles blow my mind about the severity of religion in certain cultures. How can you kill your own daughter for using the internet to socialize or fly a plane into a building in the name of God? It makes me grateful that I was born in America! Hopefully, we can utilize the internet to address and change such controversies.
On a slightly different note, the current situation in Darfur is another popular and controversial topic on the internet. I receive daily e-mails from my grandmother about petitions to our government and United Nations to intrude in their civil war which appears to be more of a genocide than a war. How can we help?

Teri Stolarz said...

wow. and the thing is I can't find an article addressing this issue from a more credible source. I want more information!

Lance Strate said...

this certainly an important topic, but the URL doesn't work for me, and why didn't you make this an active link?