Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Postman's Message

Neil Postman writes in his epilogue that we should not judge technology, new media, and the Internet by the aspects of our lives that they enhance. On the contrary, we should consider if a technology like the Internet is essential to the human race at the current moment. Today, I feel podcasts, mobile Internet devices, and PDA's do not solve any specific problem, but are designed to make people's lives even easier. At the same time the existence of the Internet as a whole may soon be viewed as a necessity for the younger generations to come. In today's fast-paced, large-scaled, and global society the value of human life can be greatly affected by a person's access to the Internet. The emphasis on being connected to the web in a person's life will only be increased in the future. I know in my own life where more often then not the Internet in my home is either down, or being used for other purposes (Halo 3), I miss out on my own obligations of studying at a University and working for a website. Not to say this is a problem for society, but eventually the Internet will become more and more of a necessity for all people. What would Postman think of this?

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Lance Strate said...

Wow, great video! As for the post, what is the necessity, why are these technologies needed? I'm not saying get rid of them, I'm just saying that you have not answered the question.