Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Curious Articles I Found

This was on the Open Anthropology blog I read, thought it was pretty interesting in the context of the class Interviewing the 'Electronically Archived "YOU."'

Also, here's this article about this program called Oddcast.

BBC Articles about the Internet
Sex Offenders and Social Networking

Man gets $2.6m for pizza.com

Search Engines Warned over Information

In class on Monday, one of my professors gave us an article about the electric car in Europe. It was tongue-in-cheek and mentioned the Lizard Alliance and Ray Guns. Our professor thought it was a legitimate article. It from the British technology Web site The Register which presents articles about new technology in comedic fashion. Consistently starting articles about Yahoo! with every word excalamated (yes, I just invented a word). Interesting place with fun articles. One of them linked me to a video of an Italian CEO giving an inspirational speech to his workers where he says that Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo. (He didn't)

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Lance Strate said...

The first one gets back to information overload, and the need for even more technology to help us sort through a volume of information that goes well beyond our ability to process. I guess recreating a "person" is one such short cut.