Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Viral Marketing

Digital videos and video sharring are working for more than just media savvy individuals like us, the Interactive Rams. By forging sites like where we create and share videos, we promote ourselves (your name is your brand). Clearly, by sharing our videos we hope to create some type of attention or recognition. When a videos or online games generate some hype and gain recognition solely by viewer sharing, it becomes a viral piece. If an advertiser does this it is called viral marketing. I came across a great viral video which also promotes a product and a brand in this non-traditional form of advertising. So, to keep with the tradition of viral marketing, I am sharing the vide with all of you. Very cool and very boy-friendly. I love this stuff so, enjoy!

Can anyone figure out what this is about? I can't wait to know!

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Lance Strate said...

Nifty video! The notion of viral marketing is intriguing, and goes back, at least in part, to Doug Rushkoff's book, Media Virus. This certainly seems to associate the product with youth, and sports, extreme maybe? And also anime, I suppose.