Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Twitter Updates

In case you hadn't noticed, I added a tweetpeek to the sidebar on our blog. This applet will display the five most recent tweets from the twitterers in our class. Any one who I missed can follow InteractiveRams and I'll follow you backs you're added.

I learned of this site another group I became a part of known as The Pulse of Ubuntu. The group follows users of the Ubuntu Linux OS on Twitter and I was lucky enough to make "Twitter friends" with some of the people who set it up. We've had some awesome discussions on Twitter and I grow to enjoy the service more each day. Just as a note, our site is based off The Pulse of Open Source which tracks the tweets of prominent open source software developers.

I hope everyone gets a chance to play with Twitter. It takes a little effort at first to make contacts and gain some followers, but afterwards it's very easy to start thought-provoking conversations and network with people you might miss on other sites. If you get a chance, follow me on Twitter @ twitter.com/tedbaker. Looking forward to reading some new tweets!


rwalsh42 said...

Hey, I joined the new Twitter site, but I do not find my information popping up on the Interactive Ram's blog. Help me.

Lance Strate said...

Ted, your classmates dubbed you Captain Tweet for good reason. I'm pleased that you've gotten so much out of this, and thank you for setting up the Tweetpeek!