Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Checkin' Out

As I often do for most of my classes, I questioned whether or not, I would enjoy Interactive Media. I was hesitant about such social networks like Myspace.com but eager to discover more about the infinite network of communication in cyberspace. I am happy that I stuck with it, because I got to share and learn new information with a cool class. Also, I was able to learn from a fun professor with an immense amount of knowledge about new media.
One of the best things I developed from this class was the ability to think outside the box about the vast capabilities of the Internet. Consequently, I purchased my first website, Thecollegebible.net. Although, I need to take a computer programming course or hire someone to perfect the site it will being running soon. Nonetheless, the site is designed to be a social network for college students all across the country. It is not really designed to be for personal communication like Facebook.com but a network of information. I intend to make a site where students can leave something behind for the next generation of college students such as recipes, videos, pictures, art, music, and other sweet stuff. Also, I thought of another good website idea, but I cannot reveal yet.

I believe it is essential for our generation to stay involved in such networks of communication to make progress for a better world. I routinely felt obligated to blog posts about important environmental issues like global warming. I tried to encourage peers to check out good links and their movements. As a part of the Internet generation, we must utilize the web to our advantage. We can make positive social changes, because we have the ability to communicate so easily on a global scale. The InteractiveRams must live on and continue to stay socially connected.

Hopefully, I helped my fellow students learn something new similar to how I learned something from them. The beauty of interactiverams.com was sharing with a class rather than just communication between you and a professor. I believe we were all able to get a better understanding of our peers’ style of writing. The blogs reflect aspects of one's personality. For instance, owe have published an array of blogs from Pat Garritty to episodes of South Park. I believe it is safe to say we all have benefited from Interactiverams.com. The blog has become a powerful on-line tool helping even the common person become involved in journalism.
Although some of the terms and theories in Communication and Cyberspace went over my head, I enjoyed reading many of the technology theories that became true. The authors predicted the future benefits and dangers of cyberspace. I felt the book taught us to think ahead and differently about how we should use the Internet. Many of the social networks that they predicted became the basis for this course. We explored interaction among social networks such as Myspace.com, InteractiveRams, Facebook.com and Twitter.com.

Originally, I bashed Myspace.com for being a creepy and lame social network, but I have incorporated it into my Internet routine. I have found it is a great website for aspiring musicians, filmmakers, and other artists. I will continue to keep my Myspace.com page and will probably start putting some of my short films on my site. The visual media on the web has truly captivated America. New web sites like YouTube.com have enabled anyone to share their favorite home video or short film. The InteractiveRams left their mark on Youtube.come. Now anytime that I miss our class, I can watch the video.

P.S. I am not sure if this will be my last blog on InteractiveRams.com, but I may take a personal leave of absence with summer around the corner. I hope everyone enjoyed my blogs, and I wanted to say thanks for a fun and educational class.

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Lance Strate said...

I'm so pleased that this class has motivated you in an entrepreneurial way, Ryan, and I wish you the best of luck... and don't forget us little people when you make it big!