Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Candidates using cable lines should be using Net

I thought this was a really cool class as McLuhan would say. I had a great time watching the Southpark episode on theoretical money, as well as the discussions we would sometime have. I, also liked how we used MySpace and Twitter, but still like Facebook the best. These sights are getting more and more popular each year, they are a convenient and fun way to interact with your friends. They are also being used for web ads and can reach a wide audience rapidly. It has been a successful way of advertising and mass communication. This industry has branched out in recent years and has created social network advertising. While cable television promises to get the right advertisement to the right person, based on their lifestyles, however this is a future goal for cable and reality for the internet. With the growth of the internet comes the growth of time spent on the internet. With this said, many individuals time is dedicated to social networks like MySpace and Facebook, which have also been used for mass advertising since their launch in 2003 and 2004. These social networking sites continue to grow,it is an activity that 37% of US adult Internet users and 70% of online teens engage in every month. By 2011, about half of all online adults and 84% of online teens in the United States will use social networks. However, broadcast television, received nearly 60 percent of total political spending, will be the leader in the political advertising space and may see some follow-along ad dollars from online combo buys from the campaigns. With 95 percent penetration, TV is still the fastest way to reach the broadest audience of registered voters. Even though the internet is becoming more accessible, people that are fifty five and older demographic are still the hardest age group to reach through the internet. Therefore candidates will spend most of their ad money on traditional media.

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Lance Strate said...

thanks for the figures, one thing I think we can count on is that they'll keep changing!