Monday, February 25, 2008

PC Internet of the Future!

I read a tasty article from the New York Times today chronicling Abobe's efforts in consolidating things like eBay, NASDAQ, and FedEx all on the PC while seamlessly incorporating the internet. It is as if using a PC, lets say just the desktop, would be like using the internet, only broader. The platform you choose (XP, Vista, or some crappy Apple creation) would be able to function like a working web browser. It reminds me some of widget technology, but what Adobe is trying to do is make it less link-oriented, like a widget, and turn those widgets into working, internet powered functions. The actual program, which was designed by one guy, is called AIR. Flip flop back and forth from desktop to web, exchanging information seamlessly. The article did say there was competition, as there almost always is, but this is a new product still. It's like having a desktop thats your homepage. Pretty cool stuff.

Heres the article: Right Here

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Lance Strate said...

Interesting! I do recall that as Netscape Navigator evolved, it was referred to as an alternate desktop, but that never quite caught on, and the Mac OS is trying to blend internet and local computer more seamlessly than before.