Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Focus the Nation

Focus the Nation is a relatively new web-site which stresses the need for college students to get involved with preserving our earth. I was checking out articles on the N.Y. Times website when I found this article called "Changing the Climate on Campus." The article discussed how Focus the Nation is trying to make a change among college students all across the country. They even wrote about a teach-in at Fordham University. They had an organized daylong series of lectures on the environment, ranging from the restoration of the polluted Bronx River to the ins and outs of international climate treaties. At Fordham, 19-year-old, Thomas Zellers, helped organize the Focus the Nation teach-in said, "Attendance at the teach-in there was a bit light." Zellers noted that drafting college students into a political movement on global warming — or almost any issue — can be an uphill battle. "Still, I think this is inspiring people," he says. "Everyone has a stake in this. Above all else I think this will be the defining issue for us."

Do not be afraid to get involved! Be Conscious! Check these sites out!,8599,1711450,00.html


forand said...

Hell yea Walsh, save the planet. Here is another link that is an easy way for EVERYBODY to save the trees:

In this age of corporate America it is difficult to talk about anything except buffering up defense spending, fighting terrorism and saving our economy. Nations war and cultures clash over resources; we must find new ways of creating energy and cleaning up the mess that this planet has become. Nice post, Walshy.

Lance Strate said...

One of the key features of networked communications is the ability to bring people together for organized action.

Andy Mac said...

Good subject to Bring up Walsh. I agree with you and think people should be getting involved with this area of interest. Global warming is evident considering the lack of snowfall in the month of January this year in NYC.