Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adapting to the Web

As we continue to globalize through the use of the internet, I enjoyed reading Moulthrop’s essay about the "new edge" technologies from electronic writing. We have definitely climbed over the edge and continue to soar to new heights as we now live in digitalized world with everything from free radio sites (Pandora.com is sick) to mortgaging your house. Many forms of industry have had to adapt in both positive and negative aspects to utilize the cheap accessibility of the web. As an aspiring director, I struggle to find the balance of stealing people's work such as music and movies. Yet my temptations subdue my desires as I find myself downloading music and buying the new bootlegged blockbuster from my favorite corner store. Consequently, small-production labels migrated to the web using a powerful medium to spread their work and build a firm website to attract advertising revenue. Sites like youtube and heavy.com specifically focus on short films to make money through adverting opposed to conventionals ways.
I thought this correlated to Pagli's essay 'writing for the internet'. These companies as well as others are finding ways to utilize a democratizing medium which can target one of the hardest age groups to reach, college students. Sites like youtube, heavy.com, myspace, and facebook are revolutionizing the web. I even chuckled a little while reading an excerpt from Pagli that "college students, even in the Ivy League, may spend from two to five hours a night on the internet." That is no exaggeration as I am enrolled in an active on-line media class and three others that involves daily readings from on-line sites and blackboard. I think Stephanie Gibson would agree that the impact of hypertext and the World Wide Web has forever impacted the classroom and our culture. Our framework of knowledge and expression continues to grow to a new level.
P.S. I just started a web-site called thecollegebible.net. I am hoping to concrete a web-site with funny college-related themes filled with home videos, pictures, story of the week, and other stupid stuff. Post any comments if you have any suggestions because all will be respected.

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Lance Strate said...

Good points about the new paradigm for a new generation. I took a look at your site, but there doesn't seem to be much there yet. I also wonder--my first thought when I saw the name was that this would be religious in orientation.