Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I love to Blog and the N.Y. Giants

Recently, I have found the blog has become one of the newest influential mediums on the internet, because it provides a real personable approach and can help you get a better understanding of the writer. I like how anyone can write subjectively on any given subject. Unlike a magazine or newspaper article, in which, the authors most often write similar as well as completely disregarding your name; (except maybe the N.Y. Times) the blog shows the true personality of the person. I love it how you can post pictures, videos, articles without the permission of the rightful owner. I believe the freedom of the blog has helped create another form of communication that will continue to prosper over the years.

It provides the ability to reach a wide-spread and global audience to check out your writing style whether you choose to be formal or informal. Obviously, political blogs have to maintain a degree of professionalism, but they help you get a better understanding of their true opinions and beliefs. On the other hand, blogs from the general public have become increasingly popular because you get to write how you feel. It is completely subjective, and as our teacher noted it is even offensive to comment on one’s grammatical errors. I love to blog. I do not have write with rhetorically persuasion, but I am going to throw out my thoughts out there and let them grow on you.

P.S. This is for all you who doubted the N.Y. Giants. Sorry, I missed class last week but for a true Giant fan this was one holiday that comes around as often as a swarm of locusts. Also, Steve Spagnuolo signed back with the Giants for another three years as the defensive coordinator, because he said there was no better city in the world to come home to for a parade! Nonetheless, I think the ‘Redskins suck’ chants might have helped which I screamed at the top of my lungs. Sorry, Jimmy Page, but defense wins championships and ruins perfect seasons too.

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Lance Strate said...

All right, because it's the Giants, you're excused. But are you blogging anywhere else but there? And what blogs are you reading? Some specifics (and proofreading) would be welcome.