Thursday, January 24, 2008

Delete Your MySpace

So in browsing the web as I do on occasion I happened upon a news story that I could really stand for. Apparently, January 30 is International Delete Your MySpace Page day. I have never participated in MySpace and I am currently, thanks to this class, being somewhat forced to. The whole people connecting with people web phenomenon is OK in my book - I do use Facebook, vigorously. But MySpace, to me, is a place for lacking artists to peddle their wares, photographers who can't capture a moment to show their stuff, musicians to ruin our ears with what is actually crap (DK excluded), and for strippers to express themselves. I could pass gas into a microphone and layer a crispy calypso beat over it and people would ACTUALLY listen to it, and whats more, people would PRAISE it. Maybe I'm being harsh but MySpace is a talentless community (no offense, to the offended). The other day I was in Brooklyn and saw a fancy apartment building being built near Bedford avenue. I noticed that on the large billboard on the face of the building they instructed anyone out there interested in an overpriced BK apartment they should check out the building's MySpace page. What!?? I won't live in a place that's friends with Tom. We, as humans, should pounce on this chance to delete our cleverly skinned MySpace home pages (that of course list all of our everything!!!) and leave the fun to the creatures who inhabit that website (DK excluded). It will be great, until we have to rejoin as part of INTERACTIVE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lance Strate said...

Criticism is fine, but given all that's wrong with MySpace, how are we to account for its popularity?

Will Jerome said...

I think that its popularity is based on the internet-fueled desire of semi-anonymous communication. What started with AOL chat rooms in the mid-90's has now become social networks, complete with profile and personality niches that people can inevitably fall into. People intrinsically want to fit in, and something like MySpace offers that. For me, it seems too much of a tabloid, current-MTV-generation byproduct that is too saturated with peoples uninteresting musings, not to be too harsh. I am just not a fan, but I do understand that some people see MySpace as a genuine community that they belong too, and I wish it wasn't that way.