Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cuban Bloggers

The other day I got a glimpse of CNN covering a story about people in Cuba blogging. I didn't catch the whole story so I looked it up on the Internet to find some interesting articles about the current situation in Cuba. I learned that as Fidel Castro is growing older and physically weaker the need for reform and change in Cuba is getting closer. The Cuban government controls all of the Internet so blogging remains a sensitive topic. It is interesting to see what people will blog considering, "Twenty years ago expressing opinions contrary to those of the government in the street could result in a beating from passers-by. Today, things are very different. You can say whatever you like in the street without anything happening to you. People have lost that political fanaticism." If you can read Spanish, check out some of the more known blogs like El Cubano de La Isla.

I thought this article was interesting because I think we sometimes take for granted our rights to free speech and Internet. Although I might not want to set-up a blog every week for class when I do I want the right to post whatever I want. Imagine having to fear what you post on the Internet because Big Brother may be watching you. Wait is Big Brother watching??