Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good to be back!

G'day Rams, I've just returned to the states from down under. Australia was amazing however it is true what our friend Paull Young told us. When I passed through Sydney i believe Internet access was going for either $5 a minute or $30 an hour, which I really couldn't fit into my budget. Maybe it isn't as expensive to them because their minimum wage is $15 but nevertheless I was deprived of being on the net. Some hostels I stayed in advertised free internet, however there were no computers to access it. From being in the country for an extended period of time it is evident that what Paull Young said is true, they truly are at least five years behind us in terms of technology and the access to it. I asked several people our age if they had anything such as facebook or myspace and nobody did. I spoke to a woman from Sydney who was trying to get a marketing job in Manhattan and she was astonished to hear that i was studying New Media in college and that Fordham University would even offer such a concentration. Well it is good to be back in the best country in the world.


Lance Strate said...

Thanks for offering this perspective, Paul. You could connect it to Frank Dance's chapter on the digital divide, and this is hardly a major gap such as exists between us and developing nations.

Andy Mac said...

Paul I know what you mean. In Italy the internet connection was weak at most places, and internet cafes were a rip off. What Italy lacked in technology it compensated in food, wine, and history.