Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back in Action!!

As Gary Grumpert and Susan J. Drucker mention in their essay "From Locomotion to Telcommunication, or Paths of Safety, Streets of Gore," communication technologies are changeling freedom of speech and thus applicable laws within the federal government. Frequented topics of concern include libel, hate speech, and obscenity. We should parallel the functions of the internet to printed publications if they are going to be regarded by the same laws. Or shouldn't we.

Neil Postman asks us the function of the internet, asking us what problem it has come to solve. If books enabled the Protestant reformation, what will the Internet function for our society? Perhaps we are asking to break free from the consumerist standards broadcast by radio, television and print newspapers. Aside from letters to the editor, where is the voice of of the recipient? like the Protestants who wanted individuality of though from the Catholic church, I assert the idea that individuals, once again want to communicate their individuality and independence of thought from mainstream capitalist societal standards.

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Lance Strate said...

Very interesting thought here, Teri. Some time ago, Richard Barbrook was writing about how the internet was bringing back a gift economy, and creating a kind of cybercommunism.