Friday, August 15, 2008

It's not over yet!!

I have to admit that I'm a little bit saddened by the discontinuation of this blog. Maybe even more-so the termination of our class. I realize now how lucky we were to have a place, both in a classroom and online, designated to learning and discussing new technologies and interactive media, namely ones that facilitate new and improved modes of communication. (Blah blah blah I know, but hear me out!!) When I hear about blogs and Twitter in other spaces I get excited because it's reminiscent of our cozy little group(which rocked... check out our other postings and You Tube videos :) ).

I must admit that I used to hate blogging and the idea seemed ridiculous however now I testify to it's adverse functionality. It turns out the my job is going to begin a blog, on behalf of it's belief in the "free flow of ideas." This network involves all ends of Draftfcb, from clients to employees and invites new bloggers and previous bloggers to join in hopes of creating a network which they say experts are calling "link love"... I admit I'm a bit of a fan of this term. I also think it's a bit funny that they say they're staying on the cusp of a trend, which they still are however, we were fortunate to have Paull Younge discuss this phenomenon of commercial providers and consumers beginning in online blogging discussion several months back. It's like we were given an inside scoop, a tip off to things yet to come. Sure I could probably read Wired or follow online sites that track new trends but it wouldn't be half as fun as seeing it's purpose (and if we even think it had one) debated out in class.

Another fun thing I discovered yesterday was that Twitter is officially on the map. I've been watching it's reputation grow over the past few months, seeing it make D list celebrity style appearances in several nooks and crannies on the online world but it's reputation as a second string niche fad is over. Twitter ranked as the second top hit on Google for "Olympic Medal Updates" and FIRST for "Medal Updates". So, welcome Twitter to the Big Dogs. Like many athletes who have risen to victory in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Twitter has shed the title of underdog and taken its place, raking with the best.

So, I'm hoping some of you check this blog time to time and will see that I'm tryign to shake the dust off after a long summer and keep the discussion alive. Or else... I'll get sucked into another blog and well, I'm just trying to stick with my roots. So lets go Interactive Rams... I know you want to :)

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Lance Strate said...

That's great, Teri, no reason why this blog can't still keep going!